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The Fox
The Fox
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The Fox

The Fox helps maximize quality sleep and leaves you waking up feeling refreshed. It’s fully adjustable, meaning you can remove fill to make the height just right for your own personal neck and back alignment.  This makes the Fox suitable for any body type, and allows you to sleep comfortably when you’re on their side, back, or stomach. The Fox is made with CertiPUR-US shredded memory foam, giving it a nice comfy and cozy feel while still providing proper support.  So whether you’re worried about tossing & turning, aches & pains, or snoring, this pillow will help you optimize your restful sleep and have you ready to tackle the day.


Softness range explanation
Softness is the actual feel of the pillow. The softest is a light and airy sink-in feel, and the firmest will be a supportive, perched on top feel.


Loft range explanation
Loft is the height of the pillow. Low will be only slightly off of the bed, and high will be tall and puffy. Keep in mind that for most all Lagoon pillows you can remove excess fill to adjust the loft.
Queen (20x30 inch) and King (20x36 inch)
Shredded Memory Foam
Fill Material
80% shredded memory foam blended with 20% cotton
Fill Level
Liner Material
100% high quality polyester
Cover Material
38% bamboo and 62% polyester
Care Instructions
Regularly fluff pillows to maintain shape. Every six months insert pillow into the dryer and run on low for 10-15 minutes.

Wash Instructions
Pillow Cover
Wash in cold water on low/gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low. Ensure cover is completely dry before use.

Inner Pillow
For stains, spot clean with a wet cloth and soap. To wash, secure zipper with a closed safety pin to ensure the fill is secure. Wash in cold water on low/gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low. Ensure cover is completely dry before use. Do not wash more than one time per year.


Ultra-Soft Covers
Bamboo and poly blended
fabric for a silky soft touch.
Fully Adjustable
Open and remove fill so you
can align your neck just right.
Easy to remove machine
washable cover to maintain
dust and germ free sleep.
Constructed to allow air
to flow more freely.


Join #TeamFox

Meet Bri, the inspiring young entrepreneur and content creator who's our lead for #TeamFox. She calls the Fox not too soft, not too hard, but the perfect in between, and cares about getting a good night sleep so she has energy each morning to be super productive.

Keep getting after it Bri! We hope the Fox continues to bring you the restful sleep you need to stay on top of your busy days.

CertiPUR US Memory Foam

The Fox is filled with CertiPUS US shredded memory foam - the seal for the highest quality foam in the world. The memory foam is blended with poly fibers to bind the material and help ensure the pillow doesn't feel flat or lumpy.

This memory foam will provide great support and at the same time a soft cushy feel.

How The Fox compares

There’s no such thing as one pillow fits all. Every body has different dimensions, preferences, and needs. With Lagoon, you can finally take the time to find a pillow that feels uniquely yours and properly supports you all night long.
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