Improve Your Deep Sleep
by 52 mins per Night

Take the 2-min pillow quiz to get started.

Improve Your Deep Sleep
by 52 Mins per Night

Take the 2-min pillow quiz to get started.

Unlock More Deep, Restorative Sleep

Caitlin Keen is a US Olympic Trials qualifying marathon runner, who's working on optimizing her rest and recovery to keep taking time of her best marathon.

Cait matched with the Fox pillow, and immediately fell in love with it. Her sleep scores gave her even more reason to swoon, when she checked her sleep scores on her Whoop band and found that in the first week using the Fox, her average deep, restorative sleep improved by an average 52 minutes per night.

Lagoon helps you improve your restorative sleep by allowing you to fall asleep easier and stay asleep on the pillow most comfortable for you. Find your match by taking the 2 minute sleep quiz.


3 Easy Steps for Optimizing Your Sleep 😴

1. Get Matched with the Right Pillow for You 👌

In our two minute sleep quiz, you'll be matched with the type of pillow that's most comfortable for your sleep preferences.

Finding the right fill will help you fall asleep easier, and stay asleep better through the night.

2. Adjust Your Pillow ➡️ Perfect Your Alignment

Easily add or remove fill from your Lagoon pillow to get your alignment just right.

Unlike most pillows, Lagoon pillows are *NOT* one size fits all.

When you perfect your alignment you wake up without those pesky aches or pains.

3. Watch Your Sleep Scores Soar 🚀

When you're comfortable you fall asleep faster, stay asleep better, and achieve more deep and REM sleep, as your sleep cycles go uninterrupted.

Use your 100 night-risk free trial to see your sleep improve as you achieve your best sleep.

Helping Champions Improve Performance

Cory is one of the best 1500 meter runners in the World, representing Team USA at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and the past two World Championships.  She takes her rest and recovery seriously to keep her ahead of the competition.  

“I absolutely love a soft pillow,” Cory said. After sleeping with [the Chinchilla] for about a month, I am so happy I found the perfect pillow for my needs.”

Find the pillow that's perfect for your needs. Get started by taking the 2 minute sleep quiz.


What Makes Lagoon Pillows So Special?

Easily adjust the height of your pillow for perfect alignment.

Get cozy and comfortable with Lagoon's incredibly soft covers.

The Best Materials to
Unlock the Best You

Lagoon's pillows are designed with your goals in mind. We use the best materials in our pillows to make it easiest for you to sleep comfortably. Breathable, sustainable and durable - all to make you better.


Reviews from the Pack

As someone who travels a lot for races, as well as someone who actively tracks health data (HRV, sleep, HR, etc on my oura ring) I’ve come to learn a few things about my pre-race sleep and recovery scores.

1- I’m never going to sleep as well on the road as I do at home. Different beds will never be the same for me.
2 - While I cannot travel with my bed, I CAN bring my favorite pillow with me when I travel. Which has an extremely positive impact on my sleep scores while traveling versus hotel pillows.

Specifically, I’m a huge fan of Lagoon which has yielded the best scores on my devices at home and away. After a long journey to find the perfect pillow, their quiz paired me with the pillow I’ve been taking with me and loving. Highly recommend you give them a look, especially if you’re ready to sleep better before your next race 😴

"With only a few more sleeps until NCAAs, I'm happy to have my @lagoonsleep pillow here on the road. With the pillow compression travel bag, I will be able to feel comfy and cozy away from my bed.

My perfect pillow, the Fox 🦊, was designed to help maximize quality sleep, and in using it my sleep score has never been better! "

"At this level, every detail is important - especially sleep 😴 7-9 hours is my sweet spot! I feel better in training both in the weight room & the pool. Lagoon (the Otter pillow 🦦) has allowed me to get a better nights sleep for morning practice.

Since using, I fall asleep pretty fast & if I'm up in the night because I have a snack or use the bathroom (bc I'm hydrated) I fall right back asleep. I'm really prioritizing my sleep routine to give me that extra edge in my training."

"Genuinely excited to sleep every night with this new @lagoonsleep pillow 😴 It’s honestly the comfiest pillow and I’ve already noticed my sleep improve since I’ve started using it.

As an athlete, sleep is high on my priority list since better sleep = better performance, and I can safely say that my energy levels and performance have been stellar lately

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