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Caitlin Southkeen, a 2021 Olympic Trials Marathoner, has been tracking her sleep with her new Lagoon pillow, and has found she's getting nearly a *full hour more of deep restorative sleep.*

Optimal Rest & Recovery,
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Cory McGee takes her training and performance seriously, and lately sleep has been a big focus for her. Her committment to finding ways to be better prepared for the work ahead led her to join the Lagoon Pack.

She loves softer pillows, and found that her perfect match with the Chinchilla.

The Key to Better Rest and Performance

Lagoon is committed to helping you improve your rest and recovery by delivering the key to optimal sleep - the perfect pillow. We designed our pillows with your goals in mind - using high-quality materials, an intelligent matching process, and easy adjustablility. The result - a pillow fit specifically for you!

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