Hi there, I'm Ryan Hurley - your performance sleep coach. I work with amateur and elite athletes to improve their athletic performance by mastering their sleep routine.


Over the course of my athletic and professional career, I've seen how dedicating myself to a thoughtful sleep program unlocked limitless potential. I'd like to share with you my formula that I've honed in my experience as an US Olympic Trials Finalists, Ironman, swim coach, 10 year NBC Sports veteran, and entrepreneur. Let's get started.

Welcome to Performance Sleep Coaching

Hear a brief welcome video from Performance Sleep Coach, Ryan Hurley

Welcome to Performance Sleep Coaching

Hear a brief welcome video from Performance Sleep Coach, Ryan Hurley

Why Performance Sleep Coaching?

More Sleep
Improves Endurance

A study of elite cyclists found that when total sleep time was increased by 30%, athletes saw a 3% improvement in their one hour time trial performance after only two nights of extra sleep.

Risk of Injury

Research has shown that endurance athletes who sleep for under seven hours a night are 50% more likely to get injured over only a two-week period. That number increases to over 70% in adolescents.

Increased Speed & Reaction Time

In a study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, elite swimmers who increased their sleep time to 10 hours per night for six weeks showed a 4% improvement in their performance during a 15-meter sprint.

Decreased Perceived Exhaustion

Finally, research has also shown that athletes who are sleep-deprived tend to get exhausted 11% sooner than those who slept well. Also, it has been proven that working out will *feel* harder too.

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How does the Performance Sleep program work?

Performance Sleep Coaching | Education | Dr. Matthew Walker, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Mollie Eastman

1. Education

Learn the fundamentals of why sleep is important for you and your sport. We'll pull and destill key information about how optimal sleep can help you improve specific aspects of your performance from experts such as Andrew Huberman, Matt Walker and more.

Performance Sleep Coaching | Sleep Tracking, Oura Ring, SleepSpace App

2. Tracking

Here we asses the tools you currently have at your disposal to track your sleep routine and quality of sleep; and if necessary make recommendation for appropriate trackers. Our preferred wearable for coaching is the Oura Ring, or the SleepSpace app.

3. Routine Setting

After establishing your baseline sleep, we will do a deep dive into the elements of your routine to understand what is contributing either to hinder or boost the quality of your sleep. We will formulate a weekly plan to begin or optimization testing.

4. Optimization

After your initial assessment and game plan is fomulated we will begin the testing process. Steps taken during this process may include but not be limited to changin timing, adding or removing equipment, and adjusting external stimuli. Before the end of the program we will lock in go-forward best practices.

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