Our Mission:
Help You Optimize Your Sleep

Talking about sleep doesn't have to just be about neck pain and sleep apnea.  It's about getting the rest we need, so we can accomplish great things in our daily lives.  In our minds it's all about what comes after the "so that."

I prioritize my sleep, so that I can go for a run five mornings a week, or so that I can make breakfast for my kids before work, or so that I have the mental edge I need to win over that new client."

So You Can Maximize Your Performance

Lagoon's goal is to help others sleep better so that they can reach their goals.  Our way of doing this is simple - by creating great bed pillows and making sure to pair people with the right one.   We're dedicated to pursuing our passion in hopes of making a positive impact on your journey each and every day.

From the Founder |
Back where it all began

As a life-long competitive athlete, I've always needed to really prioritize sleep - beginning at the age of 13 when I started waking up 4:15am for swim practices. As I've grown up, I've seen the huge impact that proper recovery has on my daily motivation and performance.

In 2020, my wife Keavy and I realized there was a major problem related to getting your best sleep - trying to find the right pillow.

The Challenge of Optimizing Rest

We founded Lagoon, here in Minneapolis, and began developing our own line of high-quality pillows - designed to meet the needs of every type of sleeper. Then we created the best online shopping experience to match people with the pillow that's constructed to meet their specific needs.

Thanks for checking out our brand, we hope you love our pillows as much as we do.

Cheers to better sleep!


Superior Quality Pillows

All of our pillows are expertly crafted with the best materials from around the world to provide the unique comfort you're looking for.  We've carefully constructed our pillows to ensure that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Our memory foam is CertiPUS US certified, and and our eco-friendly line of pillows is designed specifically with natural and sustainable materials.  Our plan is to create quality products that will last for a long time, and reduce the amount of waste spent on replenishing poor quality pillows.  

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