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The Otter is an exceptional, versatile pillow that’s uniquely designed to provide maximum comfort throughout the night.  It’s fully adjustable, meaning you can remove fill to make the height just right for your own personal neck and back alignment.  This makes the Otter suitable for all body types, and allows you to sleep comfortably when you’re on their side, back or stomach.  The Otter has a unique cooling effect from its gel-infused CertiPUR-US shredded memory foam, which helps regulate your temperature throughout the night, all while providing comfortable support. So rest-assured that if you tend to run hot, or if you suffer from aches & pains, this pillow will help you optimize your restful sleep and have you ready to tackle the day.

Product Details


Queen - 20 x 30 in | King - 20 x 36 in

Fill Material:

80% CertiPUR US gel-infused (cooling) shredded memory foam blended with 20% microfibers

Cover Material:

38% bamboo and 62% polyester

Liner Material:

100% high quality polyester

Fill Level:

Queen - 1.1kgs | King - 1.5kgs

Care Instructions

Care Instructions
Regularly fluff pillows to maintain shape. Every six months insert pillow into the dryer and run on low for 10-15 minutes.

Wash Instructions
Pillow Cover
Wash in cold water on low/gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low. Ensure cover is completely dry before use.

Inner Pillow
For stains, spot clean with a wet cloth and soap. To wash, secure zipper with a closed safety pin to ensure the fill is secure. Wash in cold water on low/gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low. Ensure cover is completely dry before use. Do not wash more than one time per year.

Cooling Memory Foam for the Win

The Otter is stuffed full with gel-infused memory foam, to give sleepers proper support AND keep them cool throughout the night. Our memory foam is CertiPUR-US Certified, and is blended with 20% down alternative fibers to give the pillow a nice consistent feel. No lumps here!

If you're a side sleeper, this pillow is going to give you enough loft, but if its too full for other versatile sleepers, reach your hand inside to take out a few handfuls of foam (and possibly even save them for later).

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