Breath-Well Durable Nasal Strips - 1 Month Supply (30 Strips)


Breath-Well Durable Nasal Strips - 1 Month Supply (30 Strips)


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About the Breath-Well Durable Nasal Strips

Introducing our groundbreaking Nasal Strips, expertly designed to enhance your breathing, sleep, and overall well-being. Packaged as a one-month supply, this essential wellness toolkit includes 30 strips, each crafted to support a night of deep, restorative sleep and a day of increased focus and lower stress.

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Optimized Airflow

Our nasal strips are your best ally in minimizing snoring. By gently opening nasal passages, they encourage nose breathing, leading to quieter nights and more restful sleep for both you and your partner.

Decreases Snoring by Promoting Nose Breathing:

Each strip is designed to expand and strengthen the nasal passage, increasing airflow by up to 31%. This not only improves sleep quality but also enhances your overall breathing efficiency.


Reviews from the Pack


As a collegiate swimmer, training and recovery go hand in hand. The most important form of recovery is sleep and with my@lagoonsleep pillows I fall asleep faster and wake up feeling stronger and more recovered. Their customized survey determined the pillow that would fit my style best. I am looking forward to getting more amazing sleep, thanks@lagoonsleep!

Matt Brownstead  NCAA Champion Swimmer Matt Brownstead NCAA Champion Swimmer

Genuinely excited to sleep every night with this new@lagoonslee pillow 😴 It’s honestly the comfiest pillow and I’ve already noticed my sleep improve since I’ve started using it. As an athlete, sleep is high on my priority list since better sleep = better performance, and I can safely say that my energy levels and performance have been stellar lately 🤩

Shayna Powless <br> USA Cycling Champion Shayna Powless
USA Cycling Champion

When I started getting consistent, solid sleep is when my running career took off... As a new pro runner, I had been looking for a pillow that would allow me to get even better sleep to maximize my performance and recovery. I took the pillow quiz on @lagoonsleep that addressed my personal sleep goals and preferences... and I've already been getting deeper sleep and waking up feeling more refreshed.

Katie Izzo <br> PRO TRACK ATHLETE Katie Izzo
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