Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Fill - The Otter


Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam Fill - The Otter


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Shredded gel infused memory foam blended with down alternative fibers. Each extra-fill pack contains 200 grams of fill. For comparison, a queen size Otter contains 1100 grams of fill, and a king size Otter contains 1500 grams of fill.

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Cooling Memory Foam for the Win

The Otter is stuffed full with gel-infused memory foam, to give sleepers proper support AND keep them cool throughout the night. Our memory foam is CertiPUR-US Certified, and is blended with 20% down alternative fibers to give the pillow a nice consistent feel. No lumps here!

If you're a side sleeper, this pillow is going to give you enough loft, but if its too full for other versatile sleepers, reach your hand inside to take out a few handfuls of foam (and possibly even save them for later).

Join #Team

Join #TeamOtter

Meet Casey, the inspiring health and fitness instructor from New York City who's our lead for #TeamOtter. When she's not training others, or on the bike leading classes, she's prioritizing her sleep so that she can optimize her performance.

She loves the Otter and now she's finally sleeping through the night - and is preaching the word that high-performance athletes need their quality sleep!

Casey, you're an awesome ambassador for #TeamOtter. Keep getting those quality Zzz's and accomplishing great things every day.


Reviews from the Pack


As a collegiate swimmer, training and recovery go hand in hand. The most important form of recovery is sleep and with my@lagoonsleep pillows I fall asleep faster and wake up feeling stronger and more recovered. Their customized survey determined the pillow that would fit my style best. I am looking forward to getting more amazing sleep, thanks@lagoonsleep!

Matt Brownstead <br> NCAA Champion Swimmer Matt Brownstead
NCAA Champion Swimmer

Genuinely excited to sleep every night with this new@lagoonslee pillow 😴 It’s honestly the comfiest pillow and I’ve already noticed my sleep improve since I’ve started using it. As an athlete, sleep is high on my priority list since better sleep = better performance, and I can safely say that my energy levels and performance have been stellar lately 🤩

Shayna Powless <br> USA Cycling Champion Shayna Powless
USA Cycling Champion

When I started getting consistent, solid sleep is when my running career took off... As a new pro runner, I had been looking for a pillow that would allow me to get even better sleep to maximize my performance and recovery. I took the pillow quiz on @lagoonsleep that addressed my personal sleep goals and preferences... and I've already been getting deeper sleep and waking up feeling more refreshed.

Katie Izzo <br> PRO TRACK ATHLETE Katie Izzo
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