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What Lagoon Pillows Do For You


Emma Bates

Emma is one of the fastest marathoners in the world, posting some of the most impressive performances ever by an American in the past year, including the fastest US finisher at the 2023 Boston Marathon.

Emma matched with the Otter pillow, since she is a versatile sleeper - meaning she’ll sleep on her side, back and stomach.  She loves that the cover on her Otter is machine washable, and she paired her pillow with our travel compression bag, so she can bring it with her to all of her races.

The Otter has a medium soft feel that’s both supportive and super cozy.  Since it’s adjustable - meaning you can add or remove fill - it’s a great option for all body types and sleep positions.  On top of that, the gel-infused memory foam helps draw heat from the body throughout the night. No surprise it’s our best seller!

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