It’s no secret that since that we’ve spent an increasing amount of time on our devices since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s also no secret that large amounts of screen time isn’t always the best for our sleep. As much as we’d like to stay away from our screens, they keep calling us back, especially right before we should to go to sleep.

According to the Sleep Foundation, “A new study from the University of Rome, Italy reveals that the increased exposure to the blue light of screens negatively impacted sleep quality and increased symptoms of insomnia.”

The study surveyed 2,000 Italians about their sleep quality as well as their nighttime screen habits in the third and seventh week of confinement, and found that “prolonged exposure to backlit screens before sleep influences the circadian system leading to negative consequences on sleep health.”

Some of the symptoms experienced by the participants include decreased sleep quality, worse insomnia symptoms, a reduction in total sleep time, and more.

To achieve better sleep, it’s important to limit your screen time in the few hours before bed, and at Lagoon, we feel investing in the right pillow to support your sleep can help, too!

To read the full Sleep Foundation article, click here. To read the full study, click here.

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