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Alto Swim Club & Lagoon | Optimizing Recovery

Alto Swim Club is committed to helping our swimmers achieve their full potential - including through optimal rest and recovery.

We've partnered with Lagoon to find our athletes their perfect pillow - to fall asleep faster, and wake up ready to conquer the day.

OWN YOUR REST | Improve Performance

Lagoon is on a mission to help swimmers prioritize getting better quality sleep - to own their rest. We’re firm proponents that when you sleep better you perform better, and we have seen firsthand that our pillows can play a key role in helping people achieve their optimal sleep.  

Lagoon and Alto Swim Club

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the lemur | eco-friendly bamboo & recycled microfibers

Customize your pillow
to meet your needs

Ensure your neck and back alignment are just right. Most Lagoon pillows are fully adjustable - so it's easy to add or remove fill to reach your perfect fit.