Sleep Awareness Week 2023

Sleep Awareness Week 2023

Sleep Awareness Week 2023

Celebrate by Sleeping Your Best

Sleep Awareness Week 2023 kicks off on March 12 and runs through March 18th. It’s one of our favorite weeks of the year because it’s our chance to collectively celebrate the importance of sleep, and champion how optimal sleep can improve our performance.   

So what can you do to celebrate? 

#BetterSleep Challenge

Dedicate next week to getting your best sleep possible.  You can do this by joining our #bettersleep challenge.  The challenge is designed to see who can dedicate themselves to getting the consistently best sleep throughout the week.

At the end of the week, we’ll pick one winner to be crowned the “Best Sleeper.” The winner will receive a Lagoon prize pack consisting of a Lagoon gift card, travel compression bag, water bottle, and copy of Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

If you’d like to enter the challenge just create and share any Instagram reels, posts or stories that showcase how you’re prioritizing sleep throughout the week.  This could be as simple as a screenshot of your sleep score or a reel that shows off your bedtime or morning routine.

To be entered to win, you must follow @lagoonsleep on Instagram, use the hashtag #bettersleep and tag @lagoonsleep in your post.  We’ll be sharing content from across our community all week long.  

Learn and Teach 

Knowledge is power, and the more that we’re educated on how sleep can improve our daily performance the better.  If you feel like you’re still discovering how to improve your sleep, consider spending a few minutes each day learning something new.  If you feel like you now have knowledge worth sharing with others - spread the word!  

To get started, here are some of the most valuable components of optimal sleep, including setting a sleep routine, the link between deep sleep, REM sleep and athletic performance; HRV and sleep; and the impact of ergonomics on sleep.      

Consider An Upgrade

Having the right tools and equipment are always a key to success, and sleep is no different.  If you’ve been putting off buying a sunlight alarm clock, magnesium supplement, sleep tracker, or yes a pillow… now’s a great time to do so. 

We want to make sure you end up with the right pillow, to make it easiest to optimize your sleep.  Complete the sleep quiz here so you’re sure to find the pillow match that’s right for you.

Find Sleep Help

Finally, we do recognize that some people need help on their journey to improved sleep.   If you think you have a sleep problem that warrants medical attention and want to visit a sleep clinic, you can use this tool on the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) website to find reliable, AASM-accredited options.

If you don’t need medical attention, but are an athlete looking for a performance sleep coach to provide accountability and work with you to manage your sleep routine and ultimately improve your athletic results, please check out our coaching programs here

Optimize Your Sleep Today!

Take this 2 minute sleep quiz to find your perfect pillow. Experience the life-changing effects of more deep, restorative sleep.

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