Lagoon | Sleep & Fitness News - June 6th, 2024

Lagoon | Sleep & Fitness News - June 6th, 2024

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How does a World Cup winner balance training and quality sleep? How can A.I. be applied to improve sleep routines?  What will a basketball star have to offer in cutting-edge mattress technology? Learn all this and more in this week's edition of Sleep Fitness News!

⚽How to Train Like World Cup Winner, Lionel Messi

World-record setting soccer player, Lionel Messi has taken home the best male player award for eight years, Olympic gold medals, and the FIFA World Cup while maintaining a training routine that focuses on recovery.  This past week, his team’s fitness coach has lifted the lid on the habits that have led to Messi’s success and highlighted the importance of sleep.  Messi follows a strict personalized practice schedule that focuses on activation and strength, while constantly being the first to arrive at each team practice and the last to leave.  Despite pushing himself to thrive in the most intense parts of the game, Lionel Messi understands that good sleep is what allows him to compete at this level.  To ensure the highest quality rest possible he incorporates proper nutrition, massages, and individual recovery treatment into his rigorous routine.  As Messi continues to break Major League Soccer records this season, he demonstrates that consistent sleep is key to achieving as an athlete.

🤖Artificial Intelligence - The Future of Sleep Upgrades

Over the past few years A.I. is seemingly taking over many facets of our lives;  however, the possibilities for its use in improving sleep have been left largely untapped. According to the Artificial Intelligence in Sleep Medicine Committee of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine there’s huge potential for sleep lifestyle and health management in the near future.  Sleep watches that implement AI can provide everyday personalized recommendations by recognizing factors such as emotional events, sleeping in new locations, and individual medical conditions in both mental and physical health. Having consistent access to technology that will constantly adapt to sleep patterns will provide the user with up-to-date insight in how they can change their habits to optimize their rest.  Personalized sleep enhancement is a growing field - stay up to date and explore the possibilities to discover what works best for you!

🏀The Dream Team - Athletes and Sleep Experts

Gold medalist and Professional women’s Basketball player Cameron Brink launched a new initiative on June 3rd with specialty retailer Mattress Firm to promote the importance of sleep in boosting athletic performance.  The project, Team Sleep Well, will unite top athletes and cutting-edge sleep experts to optimize mattress technology for quality sleep.  These athletes will take part in sleep consultations where they will share their experiences with how proper rest led to their success so that the team can design mattresses that will help enhance their performance further.  Mattress Firm and Team Sleep Well will be present at Brink’s charity basketball clinic to help her promote the crucial role sleep plays on health and wellness to 40 rising basketball stars. This initiative demonstrates the importance of utilizing sleep resources to enhance your performance - follow their progress and learn from professional athletes to upgrade your sleep!

🥤Summer Drinks to Refresh, Relax, and Rest

Many people who struggle with falling asleep resort to sleep medication, however nutritionists have collected drink recipes with natural ingredients that can soothe your body and your mind, putting an end to the tossing and turning this summer. Turmeric lattes help you fall asleep by enhancing non-rapid eye movement sleep, regulating your body temperature, and relaxing your muscles. Or you can try a Chamomile Lavender Iced Tea… The use of chamomile flowers to promote relaxation dates back to 1550 B.C.E and the use of lavender followed as it was used in aromatherapy to reduce stress hormones.  Try adding these natural remedies to your sleep routine, but remember everyone’s preferences are different  - don’t give up if one recipe isn’t for you!

💤Access The Healing Power of Deep Sleep

Deep sleep is essential for performance and rest as it is the phase where your body undergoes regenerative processes such as strengthening the immune system and building muscles. Growth Hormone is secreted during this phase to aid in cellular regeneration to repair the wear and tear done while awake.  Additionally, your cardiovascular health surges during deep sleep. In this stage, your heart rate and blood pressure decrease, allowing your body to recover from the stress you experience during the day, promoting a healthier heart.  Deep sleep  also contributes to detoxifying the brain by clearing waste in the nervous system and maintaining neurological health.  Deep sleep is the third stage of sleep and typically lasts between 45-90 minutes in the earlier part of the night.  To ensure you get enough of this phase, prioritize a consistent schedule, stress management, and a comfortable sleep environment personalized to your needs!

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