Lagoon | Sleep & Fitness News - June 20th, 2024

Lagoon | Sleep & Fitness News - June 20th, 2024

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What is popstar Justin Bieber’s secret to maintaining his career and his sleep health? What’s the method used by the US Army to fall asleep in only two minutes? Don’t wait, let’s get into the latest updates in this week's edition of Sleep and Fitness News!

🎤How Popstar Justin Bieber Sleeps Like a Baby

Preparing for his own baby on the way, Justin Bieber has been creating a healthier lifestyle by focusing on sleep.  At only 30, the artist has spent a decade and a half in constant spotlight. Performing world tours, winning Grammys, and working his way onto Forbes top ten most powerful celebrities -  Justin sang and danced through years of constant pressure. Now, he’s giving his body some hard-earned rest with a hyperbaric sleep chamber.  At night, his wife zips him in and the capsule fills with 100% oxygen which helps support stress reduction, healing, and alleviates inflammation. Often used by athletes for recovery and mental clarity, this dose of pure oxygen saturates the cells of each organ for more efficient functioning. With one at his studio and one at home, the popstar is striving to balance his health and his career.  If you’re interested in Justin’s remedy, look into spas near you.

🪖Fall Asleep in Two Minutes With This Military Method

Developed to help US Army personnel get as much rest and energy as possible, the military sleep technique has been used for decades, but soldiers aren’t the only ones who name it tried and true. American track and field coach, Lloyd Bud Winter,  promotes the technique to athletes in his book Relax and Win: Championship Performance where he explains its benefits for reducing injuries and improving performance. The method has five steps. First, close your eyes and relax your facial muscles while breathing slowly. Next, drop your shoulders, your arms, and your hands. Follow this by relaxing your chest as you exhale. Continue to loosen your muscles by making your way down your body and relax your legs. Finally, clear your mind by focusing on one  relaxing image and if this does not work, repeat the words “Don’t think” for ten seconds. If practiced every night for six weeks, fitness coaches assure that it works for 96% of users. Stop fighting with sleep - try a new technique! 

🧓Healthy Aging - How Sleep & Exercise Now Will Help You With a Healthier Future

Sedentary activity accounts for 60% of adults' waking time, and this takes its toll. Funded by the National Institutes of Health, a cohort study examined nurses 50 years and older, following up with them for twenty years. Researchers correlated sedentary habits with reduced odds of healthy aging and saw the impact of light exercise. The study defined healthy aging as living to at least seventy while maintaining four health domains: physical function, absence of chronic diseases, no impairment to memory, and mental health. Through analysis, brain health coaches encourage aerobic exercises, tai chi, yoga, resistance training, and mind-body activities to benefit several of these health domains at once. These modalities, focusing on breathing and stretching should be incorporated before bed to increase the quality of rest. This study showed the importance of attaining seven hours of sleep and exercising daily so that your body is able to produce the proteins required to keep it strong as you grow older!

💤Five-Star Shut-Eye in the World of Sleep Tourism

Sleep Hospitality is on the rise. Wellness tourism and escapism travel intersect to create sleep tourism: an industry where hotels take rest and relaxation to the next level. From recovery suites with customized pillows, gamma light therapy lamps, and magnesium infused substances, to SWAY (a 60-minute session combining meditation and cocoon-like hammocks) - hospitality services are offering unique sleep aids. In Japan, the “9h ninehours” hotel chain has grown from one location in 2009 to spanning the country by 2024. This brand is built around the philosophy that allows one hour to shower, seven to sleep, and one to get dressed, with sleep reports at some locations. Companies such as Premier Inn, The Mandarin Oriental, and the Four Seasons are all joining this industry with new innovative experiences for travelers to try. Whether you're traveling for work or vacation, look into the sleep tourism opportunities available to you!

🎵Country Singer Dylan Scott’s Essentials: Rest and Recovery

Between sold out concerts, social media promotions, and being there for his three kids, Dylan Scott has his hands full, but he knows that sleep and fitness can’t take the back seat. After years of driving cross country from gig to gig, Scott now has a touring logistics team, however he still struggles to find a gym near each venue. Despite this, he maintains a regular schedule including weights and cardio no matter where he performs to keep his body energized for the stage. In his early years, the singer often had to sacrifice rest for his art but now he says his seven to eight hours are essential. Following late nights where this isn’t possible, Scott prioritizes recovery methods such as saunas and cold plunges. With gold and platinum records, Dyan Scott’s success shows the importance of quality sleep and fitness when it comes to pushing your limits and achieving your dreams!

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