Lagoon | Sleep Fitness News - June 22nd, 2023

Lagoon | Sleep Fitness News - June 22nd, 2023

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From the science behind hydration and sleep to the most common causes of poor sleep in America - we’ve got a jam packed newsletter this week, covering the top news in sleep & fitness.  Keep reading below for all the details!

💦 The Complete Guide to Hydration and Sleep

Just this week Sleepopolis published an epic guide on how hydration affects sleep. Because you lose water naturally while you breathe and sleep, it’s not uncommon for dehydration to wake you up with a sore throat, dry mouth, and muscle cramps.  So in general,  if you stay hydrated, you’re more likely to sleep better. You can avoid sleep dehydration by drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day, eating foods with a high water content, and keeping your bedroom cool to minimize sweating while you sleep. The best drinks for hydration are plain water, fruit-infused water, and, when needed, sports drinks with electrolytes. Just be careful not drink too much too close to bed in order to avoid needing to go to the bathroom during the night.  

😤 What Are the Most Common Causes of Poor Sleep in 2023 According to Gallup?

Gallup recently published their 2023 U.S. state of sleep report which has some super insightful nuggets.  One of the most interesting facts was how Americans ranked the causes of a poor night’s sleep: needing to use the bathroom (43%); physical state including discomfort, illness or trouble breathing (29%) and being too hot (22%).  If you’re in the latter camp, and looking for a pillow to help regulate your body temperature, check out the Otter pillow - which utilizes gel-infused shredded memory foam to help pull heat away from the body throughout the night.

🥇 Dr. Andy Galpin Shares Advice He Uses with Olympians to Optimize Sleep

While Olympians and elite athletes have had a plethora of nutritionist and high-performance coaches to rely on to improve their performance, there’s really been a dearth of direction when it comes to optimizing sleep.  That’s where Dr. Andy Galpin specializes, having worked with countless Olympians and elite athletes to refine their sleep.  Here are some of his foundational elements for optimal sleep: 1) create a consistent sleep pattern, 2) a small meal before bed isn’t harmful, especially when you’re burning a ton of calories; 3) recreate your sleep environment when you travel; and 4) be wary of sleep supplements.  As it relates to #3, we’re making it easier than ever to recreate your sleep environment while you travel by packing up your favorite Lagoon pillow with our travel compression bags.  Check ‘em out.

🧘‍♀️ 8 Easy Yoga Poses to Try Before Bed for Better Sleep

Studies have found that there’s a strong connection between practicing yoga and lower levels of cortisol.  This is relevant for sleep, as it is often harder to fall asleep with high levels of cortisol in your bloodstream.  This recent article in CNET,  calls out eight easy poses to try before bed to help you reduce your cortisol levels as you prepare to go to sleep - including cat cow, forward fold, bridge pose, and seated twist.  If you’ve got five minutes to spare in your evening routine, give these simple moves a try to see if it helps relax and prepare you for bed.

That's it for this week's sleep news highlights. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on optimizing your sleep and health, and remember to follow @lagoonsleep on Instagram for your daily dose. 

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