Lagoon | Sleep & Fitness News - February 15th, 2024

Lagoon | Sleep & Fitness News - February 15th, 2024

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Check out Travis Kelce’s hot take from the Super Bowl on napping, and why Gen Z may be the best sleepers we’re yet to see.  There’s plenty  to discover in this week’s edition of the Sleep & Fitness News, so let’s get into it!

🏈 Travis Kelce’s 10 Hours of Sleep: Basically a Legal Performance-Enhancing Drug

How much does Travis Kelce care about his sleep?  Travis’ dad  Ed  shared that his son gets about 10 hours of sleep each night, and that he was impressed with how he and his new love interest Taylor Swift have truly valued each other’s schedules. Then in a Super Bowl pre-game interview Travis shared that “the biggest thing is, take naps. I’ve already taken one today and it’s not even noon.”  So it’s clear that for one of the greatest athletes in the NFL, the topic of sleep is a big one.  And if it’s true like sleep doctor Matthew Walker says that sleep is “basically a legal performance enhancing drug,” then it’s no surprise then that Kelce was celebrating again on Sunday.  

🕘 The Hottest New Bedtime for Gen Z is 9pm

So much for parties and bars, the new cool place to be for Gen Z’ers is in your bed when the clock strikes 9pm. Last week in the Wall Street Journal, Rachel Wolfe highlighted that today’s 18 to 35 year olds say they understand the link between sleep and health better than older generations. She also found cases that more and more people are saying no to late night dinners, and even opting for matinee (afternoon) dance parties, so they can be in bed at a reasonable hour. Those in this age group are averaging 9 hours and 28 minutes of sleep a night which is an 8% increase vs. what that same age group did 10 years ago, and significantly higher than millennials and older generations. This interesting trend is one to keep an eye on as sleep continues to gain traction as a key priority for younger adults.   

😴 Startup Raises $6 Million Seed Round to Fight Insomnia

The startup StellarSleep announced last week that it has raised $6 million to assist in building its digital sleep therapy platform for chronic insomnia.  Both founders themselves have suffered from insomnia, meaning sleep problems 3+ nights a week for 3+ months in a row.  The platform aims to go beyond “superficial” care advice (e.g., cutting coffee, reducing screen time, meditation etc.) and address deeper psychological challenges like unresolved anxiety, burnout or depression that often drive insomnia.  The team has conducted a clinical assessment of 500 users and found the program to be 50 percent more effective than sleeping pills. Check it out if you think it could be a useful tool for you!

👀 Why Do Some People Sleep with Their Eyes Open?

While it’s good to face new challenges with your eyes wide open, apparently it’s not good to sleep that way.  There’s actually a scientific name for it - nocturnal lagophthalmos -  and it’s a surprisingly common condition that prevents one or both eyes from shutting during sleep.  It can be caused by heavy use of alcohol or sleeping pills, or something more serious like a stroke, Bell’s palsy, or head or facial trauma or injury. You might be able to tell if you're sleeping with your eyes open if you’re feeling dry, gritty-feeling eyes, irritation or burning, redness, blurred vision or sensitivity to light.  If so, it might be a good idea to talk to your healthcare provider, as nocturnal lagophthalmos could have an impact on the structure and function of your eye or affect your circadian rhythm.

🎧 Wirecutter: The Best Sleep Headphones Underdeliver

If you want to block out sounds, fall asleep to music, or mask issues such as tinnitus (ringing sound), then you might be in the market for sleep headphones.  However, according to Wirecutter, even the best options on the market have left them hoping for better.  They had two top picks.  First was a wrap around headband approach from AcousticSheep. The flat, felt-covered speakers aren’t painful to lie on; however, the headband design could interfere with other headgear or skin treatment and the cloth isn’t isolating enough for those with a loud snoring partner. On the other hand, the Anker Soundcore Sleep A10 earbuds do a nice job of physically isolating your ears from noise.  So if you’re trying to rest next to a loudly snoring bedmate, celebrating neighbors, or close to a construction site, they can do a great job of masking disturbances by playing white noise and other sounds. However, they’re still earbuds, so this set isn’t for people with sensitive ears, and the battery life only lasts between 6 to 10 hours.

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