Lagoon | Sleep & Fitness News - August 24th, 2023

Lagoon | Sleep & Fitness News - August 24th, 2023

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Hear what US Track & Field star Gabby Thomas has to say about the importance of sleep, and find out whether those blue light glasses you’ve been wearing are for real. There’s plenty of exciting topics to cover in this week’s round up of sleep + fitness news.  Let’s get into it…

🏅Gabby Thomas' Secret Weapon on the Track is Dreaming Big 

American sprinter Gabby Thomas, who’s currently competing at the IAAF World Championships in Budapest,  is a strong advocate for optimizing your sleep - equating it to the same importance of physical training sessions or proper nutrition.  She’s actually a student of sleep science herself - as part of her master's studies at the University of Texas, Gabby has delved into racial disparities in sleep disorders, focusing on Black Americans. In her work, she identified sleep as an undervalued public health issue, and points out its ties to lifestyle stressors and subsequent long-term health concerns. Meanwhile, Thomas sees her best track results, such as her top 200 meter time this season, as a direct outcome of prioritizing her own sleep.  Watch her continue her momentum as she prepared for the 200 meter semifinals in Budapest later this week! 

👓 Has the Efficacy of Blue Light Glasses Been Debunked? 

Blue light glasses, often recommended for alleviating eye strain and improving sleep quality, may not be as effective as once thought, according to a new study published. The meta-analysis, which examined data from 17 different studies, found no significant difference in visual fatigue between those wearing blue light glasses and those without. Past research had suggested that blue light, emitted from digital devices, could strain the retina and impact sleep patterns. However, the recent study questions the efficacy of blue light glasses as a solution. “We found there may be no short-term advantages with using blue light filtering spectacle lenses to reduce visual fatigue associated with computer use, compared to non-blue light filtering lenses,” Laura Downie, senior author of the review, said. “It is also currently unclear whether these lenses affect vision quality or sleep-related outcomes, and no conclusions could be drawn about any potential effects on retinal health in the longer term.”  We haven’t talked much about blue light glasses here, so this is something to keep an eye on.  

😴 From the NBA Courts to the Boardroom: The Game-Changing Power of a Nap

This week in Entrepreneur, they took a closer look at the transformative potential of midday napping for professionals across different fields. Pointing to NBA stars like LeBron James, Derrick Rose, and the late Kobe Bryant, who frequently took pregame naps,  the article underscores that these rest periods aren't merely indulgences, but that research backs the performance-enhancing benefits of these short rests, notably in the domains of perception and awareness. However, despite the compelling evidence, business culture still largely frowns on the idea of daytime napping, associating it with laziness or lack of dedication. This is concerning, especially since up to 61% of U.S. professionals report feelings of burnout. The solution? Look at strategically incorporating naps into your routine by setting a timer and trying to align your nap with your circadian rhythm (which might make afternoon coffee time a good time for napping). 

🔁 The Side-Switching Debate that That Broke TikTok

A Californian TikToker, Angelina Murphy, sparked massive debate on TikTok after revealing that she and her husband, Skyler, regularly switch sides of the bed they sleep on. Murphy, who goes by the handle @renovatingourhome, shared this bedroom routine in a video that garnered roughly 1 million views.  She expressed that they don't have designated sides and simply choose their spot on a whim.  The TikTok community largely found this bewildering, with some even terming it as "blasphemous."  Murphy later addressed some questions, explaining that their nightstands hold interchangeable items and most of their essentials are kept in the bathroom.  It's worth noting that some studies indicate peculiar sleep habits can strain relationships, with some couples even opting for "sleep divorces" due to disruptive nocturnal behaviors, so you’ve got to give Angelina and Skyler some credit for being so flexible with one another.

🔋 Apple Warns Against Charging Under Your Pillow

Many studies already underscore the health and well-being risks of sleeping near phones, however, Apple came out this week to issue a stark warning to users, advising them not to sleep next to their charging phones due to fire risks.  Apple's warning, now part of its online user guide, states that iPhones should be charged on flat, well-ventilated surfaces, not on soft items like pillows or bodies. This is because iPhones produce heat while charging, which can cause burns or even fires if not dissipated properly. The main directive from Apple reads: "Don't sleep on a device, power adapter, or wireless charger when it's connected to power. Ensure they're in well-ventilated areas during use or charging." It makes you wonder what happened in order for Apple to come out so publicly with their updated guidance.

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