Lagoon | Sleep & Fitness News - April 11th, 2024

Lagoon | Sleep & Fitness News - April 11th, 2024

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What’s the role of sleep in preventing concussions?  Which athletes are best rested and primed to crank out a PR at the Boston Marathon this Monday? There’s plenty  to cover in this week’s edition of the Sleep & Fitness News, so let’s get into it!

🧠 The Role of Sleep in Preventing Concussions in Rugby

It's estimated that rugby players have the highest concussion risk of all youth athletes, and professional rugby players are more likely than not to experience a concussion every 25 games.  Knowing that many of the dangers associated with concussion in collision sports may be long term, how do you limit the impact in contact sports? And what role might sleep play in prevention? Dr. Spencer Roberts assessed Australian Rules footballers over the 2023 season, and early findings suggest that players who suffered a concussion recorded poorer habitual sleep quality *prior* to their concussion than those who were not concussed.  This suggests that there’s a correlation between how well players sleep, and their likelihood of suffering a concussion.  A potential explanation is that those athletes who are better rested tend to be more alert and have more rejuvenated muscles to help prevent or reduce the impact of dangerous collisions.

🇹🇳 “I’m a Little Bit Tired” says First Man to Trek Length of Africa

Russ Cook from the UK set out from South Africa last April and covered more than 9,900 miles in 352 days - becoming the first person to trek the length of Africa.  He completed his journey on Sunday in Tunisia, in which he crossed a total of 16 countries.  Cook, known fondly as the “Hardest Geezer,” raised £600,000 for charity through the journey. Through his feat he ran through rainforests, across mountain ranges and traversed the Sahara, and encountered some dangerous situations while on his way to completing 376 marathons in less than a calendar year.  After this incredible feat, Cook is looking forward to celebrating with some daiquiris… and then catching up on some well deserved rest.  He aptly called out to the Guardian Sunday in Tunisia “I’m a little bit tired.”  

🦄 What to Watch For in the 128th Boston Marathon on Monday

While Monday is usually everyone’s least favorite day of the week - that’s not the case this coming Monday, when we’ll celebrate the 128th Boston Marathon.  There’s sure to be some incredible racing, and we’ll be rooting hard for the Lagoon athletes that trust us in helping them achieve their optimal rest and recovery.  Keep an eye out for the reigning fastest American Emma Bates, and our friends over at Believe in the Run, all of whom bring their Lagoon pillows with them when they travel for marathon weekends.  Pro tip: if you’re looking for a free travel compression bag of your own, check out the offer going on now with the Believe in the Run crew!

😴 1 in 3 Workers Admit to Regularly Napping on the Job

Snoozing on the job? According to a new study 33% of office workers reported napping during the workday on a weekly basis.  Nearly 1,300 full-time U.S. employees completed the survey in March, which also found that it wasn’t just remote and hybrid employees napping, but also 27% of in-office employees are napping… in their car, at their desk, or at company designated napping areas (in that order).  “While you might feel slightly sleepy between one and three in the afternoon—because everybody does; it’s due to a post-lunch dip in core body temperature,”  says Sleep Doctor founder and clinical psychologist Michael Breus, Ph.D. “If you’re getting the sleep that you should be getting at night, you should not require a nap.”  If you feel like you’re unbearably tired after lunch every day, take a look at your nightly routine to ensure you’re giving yourself optimal time to sleep and addressing your sleep hygiene to ensure it’s quality sleep.   

💁 Everything You Need to Know About Millennials Sleep Habits

As a millennial myself, I was very curious about the recent survey Sleepopolis did of nearly 1500 people to find out how millennial sleep compares to other generations. Even though overall millennials are getting a little more sleep than some other generations did at their age, they also deal with obstacles unique to their age group. There were three major takeaways… First, almost half of millennials say it’s hard to fall asleep and stay asleep because of anxiety, stress, and the easy availability of social media on the phone at their bedside.  However, compared to gen X and the baby boomers, millennials may better understand the importance of sleep hygiene and how to implement it.  Finally, to get better sleep, millennials are becoming more conscious of staying off the screens at bedtime, cutting their caffeine and alcohol intake, and using deep breathing or meditation techniques to calm worries before sleep.

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