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As we head into another week of balancing our health and fitness goals, let's take a quick look at some of the top stories in sleep and performance. From understanding the connection between good sleep and athletic performance to tips on how runners can improve their sleep quality, we've got you covered. And don't forget to follow @lagoonsleep on Instagram for more insights on how to optimize your sleep and fitness routine.


 🎙️ After just finishing Peter Attia’s Introduction to Longevity course, I dove deeper into some of his great sleep content.  I recommend this episode on Optimizing Sleep, where he discusses topics ranging from alcohol, sauna (Peter keeps his at 198 degrees Fahrenheit!), temperature regulation during sleep and more.   

👟 Runners Connect recently published a killer blog post “The Research on How Your Pillow Impacts Sleep and Recovery”, in which run coach Jeff Gaudette tracked his sleep when switching to a Lagoon pillow. He conducted two experiments over two-week blocks with his Apple watch, and the results were impressive. His number of times waking up per night dropped from six to two, and his average nightly deep sleep increased by 45 minutes.

💤 This research-heavy post on Medium, “Crazy Slow Training Produces Marathon Record. A Sure Sign You’re Overdoing It. Best Pre-sleep Snack,” details some of the benefits of training slow (in Zone 2) when training for endurance events… but it also sheds light on a “healthy” bedtime snack… A new study found that consuming 360 calories of a whey-casein protein snack before bedtime “increases both mitochondrial and myofibrillar protein synthesis rates during overnight recovery from exercise,” implying that the drink could increase all the other good things that happen when you are asleep including training adaptation and recovery.  

🏃‍♀️ "How Does Sleep Affect Performance?" from UltraMarathonCentral dives into how sleep is a vital aspect of an athlete's performance. Whether you're a seasoned ultramarathon runner or simply looking to improve your workout routine, this article breaks down the science behind how sleep affects your body and offers tips on how to improve your sleep quality.

😴 Finally, in a recent episode of the RTE Running Podcast, host Brian O’Connell discusses the importance of sleep for athletes with sleep expert Dr Rónán Doherty, and club runner, Ciaran Hourican, who struggles with sleep. Together, they dive into how sleep can impact your training program and offer practical advice on how to get better sleep. This episode is worth a listen!

🌟 That's it for this week's roundup! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram (@lagoonsleep) for more tips and insights on how to optimize your sleep and fitness routine. Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next time!

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