How Decluttering Your Bedroom Can Help Improve Your Sleep

How Decluttering Your Bedroom Can Help Improve Your Sleep

Guest Post - Kielyn Simonson, OrgaNice MN

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and as the place where you start and end each day, it is also a space that has a huge impact on your overall productivity and mood. Many people know that clutter and mess can have a negative impact on well-being, but it can actually keep your brain from being able to fall asleep. To that end, I like to spend time each evening resetting my home and tidying up, so I can finish each day with a clean slate and go to bed with a calm mind.

If getting better rest is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you might just need to focus on decluttering your space.  The good news is that with a few simple changes, a tidy sleep sanctuary can be yours!

Here are a few tips to help you prioritize a restful space:

  • Clear spaces are calming to the brain. Nightstands that have closed storage are more restful to the eye, because you can store things inside them instead of keeping everything out in the open. In my own nightstand, I use clear drawer organizers to store my must-haves like chapstick, reading material, hand lotion, a nail file, lavender spray, ear plugs and a face mask. Find the things you reach for most, and create a system that is most convenient for you.
  • If you struggle to calm your busy brain, a pad of paper by your bed can help to capture your anxious thoughts. Sometimes just writing them down can get them out of your head enough to relax. It’s basically decluttering for your brain!
  • Add plants to your bedroom. Snake plants, jasmine, lavender, valerian and aloe are all proven to help with sleep quality.
  • Prioritize regular cleaning. Clean your sheets weekly and make your bed every day. It’s so much more cozy to get into a made bed.
  • Invest in quality bedding that is comfortable and inviting. You spend a lot of time in bed, it should feel luxurious! Because your temperature can vary during the night, layers are important. It can help to have a good top sheet, duvet/quilt and another option for a top layer in case you get cold. And of course, you should always invest in great pillows!
Kielyn Simonson is the owner of OrgaNice Professional Organizing Services in Minneapolis. You can find her on Instagram @OrgaNice_MN or on her website.

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