Fall Asleep in 2 mins or Less... According to the Military…via TikTok

Fall Asleep in 2 mins or Less... According to the Military…via TikTok

Leave it to TikTok to leak U.S. military secrets. 

Ok so maybe this sleep technique isn’t a matter of national security… and to be clear it wasn’t TikTok the business that did the “leaking” here.

However, we enjoyed this one so much that we had to share it.

Check out the TikTok video here from creator justin_agustin who breaks down the sleep methodology that the military uses.  I’m not going to lie - I almost fell asleep watching the video. It’s that good!

The video brings into light a great question - how much time should it take us to fall asleep? 

This period of time is commonly referred to as “sleep latency.” 

While it’s logical to extrapolate that laying in bed for too long without falling asleep isn’t great, it’s interesting to learn that the inverse is also true.  Typically, if you’re falling asleep in under 5 minutes it could be a sign of overtiredness. If you’re one of those people that brag about how quickly you can fall asleep (guilty), you should consider whether you’re getting enough rest and recovery. 

While the recommended sweet spot for sleep latency  is somewhere in between 15 - 20 minutes, don’t disregard the value of techniques like the 2 minute military drill or other ways to relax your mind.  If you’re not overtired, but are able to fall asleep faster - it’s a win.  As many minutes that you spend in bed asleep are better than those spent awake.  

What else can you do if you’re experiencing extended sleep latency?  Probably the best non-pharmaceutical method for decreasing sleep latency is regular exercise.   Studies have found that even 30-minutes a day of moderate exercise can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also how quickly you fall asleep.

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