Here at Lagoon we’re committed to ensuring we match people with the pillow that’s perfect for them, so that they can optimize their sleep.  As a new business, we’re continuing to refine how we can best do this - both is a way that is cost-effective for our customers, and in a way that will let us continue to pursue our mission.

We’ve made the decision to revert our Try Before You Buy model to a 30 Day Risk-Free guarantee.  The only difference for you, the consumer, is that your credit card will be charged at the full order amount at the time you submit your order - rather than after the 30 day trial expires. This means you can always still return or exchange any pillows that aren't working out for you, for free, within 30 days of delivery . This allows us to continue to keep our pillows at their current low prices, even in the face of rising inflation, as we’re limiting the amount of credit card transactions that we will be processing through third-party applications.

Also, as we continue to have thousands of consumers go through our pillow quiz, we’ve been able to continue to refine our algorithm to be able to ensure that we’re providing the best matches possible.  This means an even higher likelihood that you’re recommended the right pillow for you, and thus limiting the need to try a wide variety of pillows.  

Of course, you’re always welcome to try as many different Lagoon pillows as you’d like, on your journey to find your optimal sleep.  And we’re always here to email, chat or talk in an effort to help you find your perfect match.  Reach out at with any questions or comments.

Thank you,

The Lagoon Team